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The Top Up and Coming Cities in the US

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Whether you’re in the market for a new job or just want to relocate to a more prospering, bustling area, take a look in some of the most up and coming cities in the country.


Nashville, Tennessee isn’t only for enjoying great music, but that’s one of the perks of moving to this incredibly thriving area. Not only is the job market growing, but the wages are rising along with it. Nashville has plenty of job opportunities available in a variety of fields, and Vanderbilt University in Nashville also has many opportunities whether you’re looking to work in higher education or thinking about going back to school.


Austin, Texas is continuously ranked as one of the top, if not the number one, places to move because of a combination of a booming economy and great social opportunities for creative, young people. Austin has a very low unemployment rate even with the growth in population, which means your community will be filled with hard-working, educated individuals. This is the perfect place to further your career if you’re looking for a new opportunity in just about any industry or want to relocate to a bustling city without the price tag of NYC or San Francisco.


While the migration to Denver, Colorado has slowed over the last few years, this city continues to be a booming metropolitan area that is especially attractive for a younger crowd. In Denver, you’ll find a hip, relaxed atmosphere and tons of artistic and creative opportunities. Denver is also a great place for you to start a career, especially if you’re looking to create a start-up business. It is easy to find assistance here to get your business up and moving if you’re ready to put your passion project into motion. While Denver is in a land-locked state, is has the creative and progressive mentality of a West Coast town.


The city of Provo, Utah is one of the best areas in the country for tech jobs. If you work in the high-tech sector, Provo is the place to be if you want an area that is consistently growing and expanding. Big companies like Adobe have a huge presence in Provo and with other opportunities for careers, such as Brigham Young University, there are jobs available in a variety of sectors other than the tech industry. With gorgeous mountain views and incredibly kind people, Provo is a great place to raise a family or fall in love with the outdoors.


Raleigh, North Carolina is predicted, within the next 10 years, to grow their job opportunities almost 50% (yes, you read that right). This means that, even with the competitive job market they currently have, there are still tons of career opportunities available and will be in the next few years. More affordable than some metropolitan areas, Raleigh provides affordable rent for housing but especially for businesses. If you’re a small business owner looking to open up shop in an affordable area, look no further than Raleigh.

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9 Fashion Trends You Need In 2018

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Summer 2018 is nearly upon us and we are all starting to look at the fashion trends. There’s so many awesome choices each year that are so versatile, stylish, and just down right cute! Fashion is something we all care about, we all want to look nice when we need to, and we all want to make sure to stay up on the trends, so let’s check out some of the hottest fashion trends you’re going to see rocking the streets of 2018.
1. Bright Colors

Seems like summer is the time for neon and that’s not in short supply this year. Hot pink, hot blue, and everything in between, the “Crayola” look that’s hit the runways already is something you’re not going to want to miss out on. From dresses to skirts to blouses, you’re definitely going to make a statement when you show up somewhere in your bright colored ensemble.

2. Pastels
If bright colors aren’t your thing then have no fear, pastels will be your alternate go-to this summer. Pale yellows, lilac colored purses (which is going to be the hottest color BTW) and even cream, you’re bound to look like a model when you’re rocking some feminine pastel colored outfits this season.

3. Suit Shorts

This look has been around for a bit but it’s finally hitting the mainstream fashion world. The top half looks like a regular old well-tailored suit, the bottom half however is some longer (think Bermuda) shorts that come to the knee. Topped off with some loafers-typically no socks- and your guy will be fit for the summer fashion world with this look. Not one of my faves but definitely could have potential I suppose.

4. Puffy Sleeves

One of the biggest fashion icons of the 1980s was Princess Diana. She always looked so regal and on point for her time that her looks will remain timeless and classic and gorgeous. This yea is the 20th anniversary of the Princess’ death and fashion designers are giving her a nod with their new looks. The puffy sleeves on blouses, jackets, dresses, and more will be a major fashion DO this summer according to the red carpet. Just make sure you don’t throw your side pony in quite yet…

5. Florals

This is a fashion trend I can definitely get behind! Floral print is back y’all! While this was popular in the fall with darker colors, this summer will see a return of the floral in light blues and brighter yellows on dresses. A nice floral blouse with some shorts will also grab the attention of others and have you looking like you stepped out of a magazine. The dress style to have with your florals? Midi Dresses all the way this season!

6. Tropical Prints

Summer isn’t summer without some beachy fashion-wear and this year is no different. Tropical prints are going to make a big and bold statement this summer. Bright colors paired with leafy looking prints and even big flowers, your Hawaiian inspired ensemble is going to have all eyes on you-especially if you pair it with some oversized necklaces or a matching turban.

7. Oversize Bags

Big to small to big again. Seems the fashion world is never content when it comes to accessories and your purse is one of them. Big bags used to be in a few years ago, then everyone switched to the smaller crossbody bag, and now, big bags are back. Check out any Target right now and all you’re going to find is duffle-sized purses! These big bags will make you happy though because you’ll finally be able to throw everything you could ever imagine in it and still have room left over. No more struggling to decide what needs to go in your bag because this one will hold it all.

8. Statement Earrings

Along with the rest of your outfit, your earrings are not going to skate by without making a statement this season! Make sure your earrings are just as bold and beautiful as the rest of you and you’re going to look like a fashion icon amongst your group of friends. And don’t worry about spending the money on some good earrings, because according to the fashion experts, this look isn’t going to be leaving anytime soon.

9. Feathers and Fringe

Of course not together, but feathers and fringe are two looks that are hippie-chic this season, Fringe across necklines and the bottom of dresses is going to look classy, simple, and totally on point, while the fluffy feather look all over your outfit of the day will have you looking haute to the max. Just make sure you check your weather before venturing out in these ensembles because the feathered look is NOT rain friendly.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Meet KATÂNA - Lingerie Brand With Superpowers

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Have you ever come across home wear with character? Meet KATÂNA - a young brand from Europe named after a worldwide known Japanese sword.  Listing through KATÂNA products had me thinking about three things – character, femininity and power. Brand emphasizes its belief in women’s freedom, seductive elegance and power of self-confidence. I had an interesting talk with Anna Azari the founder and owner of KATÂNA, she explained how the word “katana” endorses the strength and philosophy of the brand.

  • So why “Katana”, why you did not choose something more mainstream? More Italian or French sounding like many lingerie brands like to do?
  • …Well, practically …popularity of it is the first reason why I have decided to take a name that differs from the mainstream sweet sounding names. Katana is obviously known as an ancient sword, even though it is quite popularized and famous, not many people dig into the history and the “soul” of the sword. Frankly speaking, it was a convenient weapon that became romanticized and is said to have a “special bond” with samurai. Katana was a sacred and devoted samurai's companion; let’s allow ourselves to believe in this beautiful story! Certainly, good weapon means life in certain settings, but in the middle of the battle it also means self-confidence. We can do anything and everything when we rule our self-confidence; this is our sacred, secret weapon, our biggest power. Our buyers wear KATÂNA lingerie and home wear, look at themselves in the mirror and feel powerful. It’s like, “yeah I can take over the world”. We specialize in robes, and we always warn our buyers to be careful, because KATÂNA robes have superpowers. It sounds funny, but we do give buyers a piece of confidence to start with. KATÂNA was created for powerful women, real everyday muses of this world!

  • Interesting. Is it only for women? Are you planning on adding home wear for men?
  • Yes! This spring we will add series for men as an addition, however it will not be our main focus.
  • Who are your buyers? Are they regular everyday people? Most of your products are not quite casual!
  • Oh yes, not so casual. Our buyers are so different! Businesswomen, jazz singers, activists, housewives, hard rock music fans, cabaret dancers and the list go on. Great news: attentive gentlemen order from us to surprise their ladies too.
Great feature about KATÂNA is that when the item is ordered, it is tailored according to the buyer’s body measures and height. This feature is especially great when it comes to floor length items, also buyers can customise and mix the colours. KATÂNA works only with high quality pure silks as well as silk and sating blends and other high quality fabrics. It is so exciting to see extraordinary brands appear! Why having boring home wear if you can silk up?
I will try to present you with more amazing brands, see my blog for more articles coming!

Our guest brand KATÂNA website:

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11 Types Choose Printed Coffee Mugs for Gifting

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When it comes to gifting, printed coffee mugs top the list. They are trending for more than one reason. First, they come in various ranges. You can choose a mug which could be a simple terracotta to a fine sophisticated bone china according to your range. You can also customize them in various ways to show your love and relation to the person you are gifting it to. Here are various options you can choose under printed coffee mugs for your gifting.
Coffee Mugs for Gifting
#1. Love Printed Coffee Mugs
These are preferably matching mugs set which pair with each other through a part of one mug getting attached into another to complete the set, very much like couples complete each other. They can also be simple printed coffee mugs with complementing messages on each one of them. You can even print the photos of each one of the couple, one on each mug framed into various shapes and frames.
#2. Personalized Printed Coffee Mugs
Personalized printed coffee mugs are trending these days. You can choose the designs available with the vendor and get them printed on the coffee mugs to personalize them for the one you are gifting it to. They can be personalized for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or to embark a special day or a special achievement.
#3. Two Side Printed Coffee Mugs
On these kinds of printed coffee mugs, the design is printed on two sides of the mug. These are specially designed to highlight the design of your company logo or a customized message. 
#4. Collage Printed Coffee Mugs
If you want to re-live the precious moments you have spent with your loved ones, you can always create a collage of those moments and get them printed on a coffee mug. You will embrace those moments all the time you will use that printed coffee mug.
#5. Wraparound Printed Coffee Mugs
These kind of printed coffee mugs are available for your use when you have a print of design that needs to go all over your mug. These kinds of mugs allow you to express your creativity with large space available on the mug.
#6. Printed Coffee Mugs with Matching Coaster
What is a coffee mug without a complementing coaster? You can now get your very own printed coffee mug with a matching coaster. This is also ideal for corporate events where sponsoring brands get extra space to display their identity.
#7. Inner Rim Coated Printed Coffee Mugs
Sometimes we need that niche from others. Why not start with an all customized coffee mug? Inner rim coated printed coffee mugs are your thing to start that niche. These printed coffee mugs are black from outside while you can choose your favorite color for inside of the mug.
#8. Variety of Mugs for Your Printed Coffee Mugs
While going for printed coffee mugs, your choice of mug can make all the difference. Below are a few variety of coffee mugs that are widely available with vendors who provide printed coffee mugs related service. Other than these you can even buy your very own coffee mugs and get the design printed on them.
#9. Inclined Metal Printed Coffee Mugs
These are trending these days. The metal cups provide much needed sophistication and are printed mostly with black ink. The messages are often strong and are ideal for corporate gifting.
#10. Porcelain Printed Coffee Mugs
These are all time favorite mugs and can be used for all kind of printed coffee mugs.
#11. Ceramic Printed Coffee Mugs
These are coffee mugs which come in affordable category and are used for large size events mainly for branding purpose.
Thus, there are a variety of Coffee Mugs available and one can choose according to his requirement and range. For bookings, visit online at

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The Morning Routine of Successful Makeup Entrepreneur Doe Deere

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As you likely already know, Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2008.

Doe Deere recently shared her morning-time routine for getting ready, eating breakfast, and applying the makeup she's become near-famous for. Let's get started at the beginning of Ms. Deere's everyday routine.

Who Needs An Alarm Clock, Anyways?

While some of us have the inherent ability to wake ourselves up without an alarm, most of us rely on smartphone alarms or physical digital alarms to complete our days' obligations on time.

Doe Deere claims to never use an alarm, and wakes up almost exactly at 8:30 each morning. She shares that she aims to put a solid nine hours of sleep under her proverbial belt each night, as doing so helps contribute to her extraordinarily clean, clear, smooth skin.

Deere is "very much a morning person," and regularly starts her days by drinking a glass of water. Los Angeles, Deere's current place of residence, is home to arid air, requiring her to stay hydrated for the sake of her skin.

Exercise Is Good, But Doe Doesn't Always Exercise

While there's no acceptable alternative for exercise, Deere tries to stretch each morning before starting her day. She reports only doing such after she's had her glass of water, and is fully awake.

Breakfast is her favorite meal, which she often enjoys with orange juice she prepares with oranges squeezed from her own yard. Doe Deere claims to also enjoy grits, a form of heated cereal popular in the Southeast, along with yogurt and fresh fruit.

Showering At Night Saves Time

Doe Deere showers in the evenings, rather than in the morning, as doing so allows her hair to be fully dried, making it easier to work with.

To keep up with the many demands of being the chief executive of a global cosmetics company, Deere uses her smartphone's calendar to keep up with each day's obligations, demands, and responsibilities.

She reports getting ready in anywhere between 15 minutes and one hour. She'll typically only take a full hour if she has important meetings that day. Otherwise, little makeup is the morning's trend.

The Products That Doe Deere Uses

Each morning, Deere washes her face with Glossier. Next, she moisturizes her face with Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence. Afterwards, Ms. Deere uses L'Oreal's True Match Foundation, although sometimes she opts for MAC's "Studio Fix."

Deere then uses powder to set her makeup, preventing it from moving throughout the day, then fills in her brows. Her favorite part of her routine are blush and lipstick, as "color [brings her] face to life."

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere, born Xenia Vorotova in Russia in the early 1980s, is owner and founder of Lime Crime. She soon moved to the United States from Russia, and began an independent business on eBay under the account name "limecrime."

limecrime sold do-it-yourself fashion looks, as Ms. Deere claims to have created everything on the now-defunct site herself.

Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008, just four years after her humble beginnings on eBay. She's currently the Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime.

About Lime Crime

As described above, Lime Crime started out as a vendor account on peer-to-peer good selling network eBay. The business is currently operated from its Los Angeles, California, headquarters, and is technically a small business, based on its number of employees.

Kim Wells is the General Manager of Lime Crime's global operations, and works closely in tandem with Doe Deere throughout day-to-day operations.

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Fun and Popular Wedding Games to Get the Party Started

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Wedding games  are something every couple should have at their wedding reception! They are an excellent way to keep your guests engaged and entertained during your reception. Of course, you will have dinner, drinks, and dancing, but reception games are a great way to keep everyone happy at your wedding!

WeddingForward is a great resource for everything you need for the wedding from proposal stories to how to plan your wedding advice for wedding dress shopping. And, of course, they are the premier site for wedding games ideas!

So if you are looking for fun wedding game ideas, you have come to the right place. From outdoor gems to table games to drinking games, we have something for every wedding!

Fun and Engaging Wedding Games for Your Wedding Reception

Yard Games for Weddings

Yard or outdoor wedding games are perfect for an outside wedding. If you have ample space, there are plenty of games you can play to keep your guests entertained
  • Ring Toss
  • Giant Board Games (Jenga, Checker, Connect Four and so forth)
  • Cornhole
  • Bocce Ball
  • Badminton
  • Horseshoes
  • Croquet
  • Volleyball
  • Frisbee Toss
  • Sack Races
  • Mini Golf
  • Lawn Bowling
  • Scavenger Hunt

Table Games: Mad Libs
Table games are a great way to keep your guests entertained from start to finish. You can find online printable such as coloring books and crossword puzzles to keep them busy. As well, you can place board games on each table or have a table where they can choose a game to take back to their table. Or you can have some fun table crafts.

However, one of the most popular wedding games is Mad Libs. Mad Libs are a timeless classic that everyone remembers fondly from their youth. However, they are not just for kids. Mad Libs are a great way to break the ice and get everyone laughing You can purchase them in bulk online or at retail stores or find a printable version online. Or if you are really creative, you can compose your own Mad Libs for your guests!

I Spy Wedding Game
I Spy is one of the most popular wedding games for reception for years. You can purchase a bunch of disposable cameras and divide your guests into teams (or tables). Then you give them a list of categories, and they must take a snapshot of each item. This is a great way to keep your guests on their toes and as well, you will have some fun candid shots to remember your wedding reception. Some typical categories for Wedding Reception I Spy are as follows
  • Photo of the bride and groom kissing
  • Funniest wedding guest outfit
  • Funniest dance move
  • Highest updo
  • Group/Table Selfie
  • And so forth

Drinking Games
If you are serving alcohol at your reception, drinking games are always a favorite wedding game. Of course, you will want to make sure that everyone drinks responsibly and that no one drinks and drives.
Popular wedding drinking games include:
  • The Kissing Game
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Beer Pong
  • Flip the Cup

Giant Word Search
Word Searches are a great way to get your guests involved. You can use a chalkboard or dry erase board to design a giant word search for your guests to take turns. You can find examples online or create your own. You can include common wedding phrases or even use your guests’ names as part of the word search!

We hope you found our list of popular wedding games useful and that you use some of these fun wedding games at your reception!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

5 Life-Changing Style Hacks for Curvy Girls

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Having a curvaceous body is sometimes a double-edged sword. While your figure has all the beautiful body parts accentuated, shopping for the perfect outfit can be a real nightmare. Not every piece of clothing will look flattering on that slim waist and curvy hips, so it’s necessary to know which pieces will flatter your physique the most. With the following five hacks, you’ll never have to worry if you’ve chosen the perfect ensemble for your gorgeous body.
Curvy Girls

Invest in undergarments

The proper undergarments are a must. It’s essential that you find just the right pieces that will shape that beautiful figure, and prepare it for any piece of clothing you’ve chosen for the day. You can’t have an impeccable outfit unless the foundation underneath it is flawless. Therefore, make sure you choose the proper size and fabric for your underwear, to make that outfit pop.

Experiment with sizes

Sizes can be tricky since you won’t find that, for example, a size 14 is the same in every store. Therefore, don’t always go with the one size you believe is the right for you, but experiment with a couple of them. This is especially important if you’re going for the clothing items that are super stretchy and will follow the shape of your body. In this case, more often than not, you’ll need a size smaller than if you were buying a silk blouse, for example. Therefore, feel free to try on even a size or two smaller, and you’ll be surprised how good it fits, even though you might have thought you could never squeeze into it.
Curvy Girls

Accentuate the curves

Your curves are your main asset and the best feature on your body, so don’t be afraid to flaunt them. Avoid boxy sweaters and go for the ones that hug your curves in just the right places. However, if you simply can’t resist that cute boxy sweater, try tucking it into your jeans to show off that petite waist. You should pay attention to the choice of winter jackets as well and avoid the loose cuts. Instead, opt for quality and comfy plus size winter jackets preferably with a defined waist. Pieces with a nipped-in waist accentuate your midriff, showing off that beautiful curvy figure, but still keep you warm. Another way to show everyone how well-defined your curves are is to go for a cropped sweatshirt instead of an oversized hoodie. A big baggy hoodie will only swallow your entire figure, while a nice cropped top is the perfect way to flash those wonderful curves.

Tailor the clothes

Can you remember that beautiful pink dress in the shop that caught your eye, but it simply looked like a huge bag that would only hide all your fabulous curves? Buy it anyways, and don’t worry because a good tailor can make amazing alterations and transform the dress to look like it was made exactly for your figure. Tailoring is a perfect and inexpensive way to fit the clothes to your physique, so don’t be afraid to look for a good tailor and entrust them with your wardrobe.

Wear stripes

When you want to elongate your body visually, wear vertical stripes. Not only will your body look taller, but slimmer as well. Trousers with black and white vertical stripes would look amazing on you. What’s more, you can go for a fit and flare dress that features horizontal stripes on the top and vertical on the bottom part. Diagonal stripes can be a good choice also, if you don’t feel like wearing vertical ones.
Curvy Girls

Final thoughts

With these five hacks, your curvaceous figure will always look amazing. Make sure you never hide that tiny waist and those beautiful hips because they make your body look perfect. Invest in good undergarments, stylish crop sweatshirts, wear stripes and look for a good tailor that will help you get the perfect clothing items for your figure.

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