Friday, 26 June 2015

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Eco-Fashion Brands You Should Know About

Following trends just because they are trends is no longer in. Instead of finding designer clothes that you know were made in an unethical way, the next time you find yourself in a shopping mall you can scan and look for brands that think about the environment and are Earth-friendly. Many people think that organic fashion is expensive, but the reality is that it is not, so you can go shopping and bring a whole bunch of eco-fashion with clear conscience. Here are some eco-friendly fashion brands you should look for the next time you go shopping (either online or offline).


This sustainable LA sewing factory is famous for its cool ethical fashion. One of the many things that highlight their collections best are eco-friendly fabrics and recycled vintage fashion. In their stores you can often see recycled hangers and heat-reflecting roofs, which is a great way of incorporating sustainability in all aspects of branding. Their collections are limited and they cut out middleman and sell their products online, all in order to eliminate traditional retail mark-ups and increase Earth-awareness by offering simple solutions.

Vaute Couture

This eco-friendly fashion company is famous for its owner, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, who advocates for animals and calls for creating fabrics that “are better than wearing animals”. The name of the company comes from Haute Couture, spelled with a V for Vegan. Leanne used to be a model but quit her job and dedicated her life to creating the future of fashion: wearing highly ethical recyclable fabrics. Her collections indeed redefined green, thus allowing her to fight for the rights of animals and recreate the art of vintage fashion.

People Tree

People Tree is a brand lead by a simple idea: creating a new way of business by producing ethical fashion garments in cooperation with artisans and farmers all over the world, thus accessing different markets and giving opportunities to many people living in the developing world. What makes them different from other producers is that they give the alternative to fast fashion, and you can be sure they do not leave a carbon trace or pollute the Earth. Along with other pieces of clothing, such as tops, shirts, jackets and knitwear, their collection of sustainable dresses is the best example of desirable and extravagant fashion produced in a sustainable manner.



This woman-owned fashion brand is made by a community in Ghana, West Africa, and it offers items made from authentic textile. Being a socially responsible brand, Della helps in the education process of its employees, including literacy classes and money management training sessions. They are proud of changing the way people shop by raising awareness of socially-responsible quality clothing. In a unique combination of art and humanitarian work, its owner and founder, Tina Tangalakis is proud of not being a charity, but a real business which cares for its workers and does its business right.

And finally, let looking for organic T-shirts, dresses, shirts and pants be your newest cause. Not only will your closet be full of sustainable clothing, but your heart will know that you are doing the right thing as well. And of course, let us know what you think about these brands in the comments below (if you have tried them before, or if you plan to). And be free to spread the word!

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