Wednesday, 3 June 2015

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Get the Perfect Style for Your Tattoo: Arrange For the Portrait Body Tattoo

Now a day’s tattoos are in trend. Tattoos have become an integral part of fashion among young girls and boys. People have started applying tattoo on their body parts in order to show their passion or hobby. People of all ages have started getting tattoos and respect the artistic value behind tattoos. There is variety of tattoos available in the market and tattoos are categorized in different ways. Like people who love music, they often go to make broken guitar on their arms to show the passion for music. On the other hand, girls who are calm and innocent prefer to make cute dolls or butterflies on their body. However, a not so popular form of tattoo that takes a lot of dedication and skill is portraits. Getting a portrait tattoo means a lot.

Why are portraits not that popular?

Getting portrait tattoos is very expensive. These tattoos are permanent and can’t be removed as well. However, getting on a philosophical note, a line from lyrics is not a big commitment. Getting some art piece or some 3D piece is not that serious as well. Getting a portrait, however, means you are committing to remember someone for a lifetime, and with fading feelings, the tattoo won’t fade. So it is important to think long and hard before getting a portrait tattoo.

Why portraits?

There are many reasons for getting a portrait tattoo. The most common reason is to get a portrait tattoo as a tribute. You might pay a tribute to someone you love in the form of portrait tattoo. Sometimes, people get these tattoos to show someone that they love them. People even can get portraits their new born children to celebrate their births. Portraits don’t always need to be of humans. People often get portraits of their pets as well. In most cases these pets have passed away and the tattoos are the best way to remember them.

Where to get a portrait tattoo on the body?

The best place to get a portrait tattoo is on the shoulder plate. As portrait tattoo needs a broader space to make its beauty, hence shoulder is the best place for it. It is less painful, as these tattoos take many sessions and each session is long painful. Another good place is the forearm, for similar reason as mentioned above. Also, if you get the tattoo on your forearm, it will be easier for others to notice it and appreciate it. The neck can also be a good place to get a portrait, although it can be very painful. The last good place to get this tattoo is in the calf muscle.

Where not to get a portrait tattoo on the body?

All parts of body are not good to get this kind of tattoo. The first and foremost part one need to avoid is lower back as it hurts a lot. Moreover, it is a bit disrespectful and out of place to get a portrait on your lower back. The next place is close to the ankle or the wrist. The main reason is the excruciating pain. The sleeves can also be an odd place for getting a portrait tattooed.

Which color to choose: black or white?

The portrait tattoos drawn in both black and white color looks very graceful. They seem bright and vibrant. While colors look more bright and happy, livelier, black and white tattoos are more lifelike and the feelings come out better. This is the reason that people prefer black and white tattoos. Another reason for that is black and white tattoos is a bit cheaper. So when you decide to get a portrait tattoo, think again and be sure. Choose wisely all the options and go to the best artists.

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