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How to Choose the Best Sterling Silver Bracelet for Your Wife

Silver has undoubtedly been the queen of Metals for several decades and has been used widely for making women's jewelry. Now a day’s sterling silver jewelry is popular. It has become an integral part of gift items. If anyone wants to gift his or her loved ones, the sterling silver is the best option to do this... This is an excellent tool to gift your wife and say that you love her and care for her.

Sterling silver bracelet made out of this white-metal continues to be popular and there are plenty of designs to choose from. No matter what the style of your wife is there are plenty of bracelets that can match her taste.

How to choose the right Sterling Silver bracelet?

The quality of the silver jewelry and the content should be represented accurately. You can look for FTC (The Federal Trade Commission) stamp and marking to check the quality of the silver that is used in the jewelry during purchase.

Checking the purity of the silver:

The purity of silver jewelry is 92.0 percent. This purity of silver is known as sterling silver. Before buying any silver item, you should go for a check of stamp on the silver which ensures its purity. This stamp is marked by U.S government according to particular standards. Sometimes, you can also find a bracelet that is stamped with 925, .925, or even 92.5. These stamps are appropriate and can give you lot of assurance that you are going to buy original and authentic sterling silver jewelry.

If in the case, one is looking for silver plated bracelet, and then one can find the label on it as a silver coated or silver plated. You also need to check that the silver plating is of the right thickness as it can ensure great durability.

Everything should be ensured well before buying a silver bracelet. Trademark of manufacturer is very much important. . In addition to the quality assurance the hallmarks and the trademarks can provide you with a great deal of information about the silver you are planning to purchase. If you are not able to understand this, you can visit a professional jeweler who can explain them in great detail.

Price based on design and content:  

The price of sterling bracelet is based on the design, content of metal, craftsmanship. The more complicated and heavy design it is, the more is the price of the bracelet. Silver metal should be taken care of as in summers, silver can turn black due to sweating.

Do proper inspection of the silver piece, you are ought to buy. Take the proper manufacturer bill along with VAT from the shopkeeper. In case, if you want to exchange it, you can easily do so.

  • If you really want to give your wife a surprise, you opt for a gleaming sterling-silver bracelet that is set in diamonds. The diamonds will glitter with her every movement. You can give your wife your heart with the sentimental heart bracelet made in pure sterling silver. This comes with a polished silver shine and can make a lovely gift your wife will always remember.
  • You can also gift your wife a beautiful three-four strand bracelet that features over 200-250 glittering white diamonds fitted in sterling silver. Sterling silver can give this exquisite bracelet a great resistance and extra white shine.
  • Last but not the least you can go for the Tiffany-style heart bracelet made in sterling-silver that features a great design and can match any outfit. The simple heart charm will make your wife understand your eye for elegance and simplicity. Gift her beautiful bracelet and her friends will envy her when she wears this accessory.

If you consider the above mentioned guide than will be able to get best silver bracelet for your wife. Keep in touch to get more information!

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