Wednesday, 16 December 2015

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Choosing Sport Shoes According to the Sports You Play

Gone are the days when there was just one type of sneakers for all kinds of sports. With innovation and research, footwear manufacturers launch different designs each year, which claim to give better comfort and offer better fit. If you are looking for sports footwear, you might feel overwhelmed and confused with the number of choices you have.

How Designs Differ

Adidas shoes is one the most reliable brands when it comes to manufacturing sports footwear. This brand has been a favourite of some of the biggest names in the world of international sports. Depending upon the sport you play, you exert a different amount of pressure on the ground and the time spent on the ground differs as well.
  1. Runners – Runners must keep in mind their running style and foot type before choosing their footwear. Individuals who have fairly flat feet tend to overpronate. Pronation is the way one tends to roll their feet inwards while running. The inner side of their footwear tends to wear out faster. Such individuals should opt for motion control shoes that have dual density midsoles. These tend to limit the pronation. Similarly, for neutral pronators, stability footwear works well. This provides stability and comfort. While underpronators should go for a cushioning pair, which provides extra cushion to the heels and forefoot area.
  2. Tennis Players – Tennis players should opt for a pair that lets them move quickly. They do not need much shock absorption but a pair that supports shifts in weight. The soles of tennis shoes tend to be flatter and smoother, and may differ depending on the type of court/surface.
  3. Basketball Players – They must opt for footwear with hard soles. This will provide stability on the court. Opt for thinner soles for indoor games, as they tend to be lightweight and help you move faster, while thicker soles are better for outdoor games. Basketball shoes tend to offer maximum shock absorption.
  4. Walking – If you are buying shoes for walking, then you must opt for the lightweight, shock absorbing variety. Look out for extra cushioning under the heels and ball area.
  5. Golfers – Golf shoes tend to be less flexible and offer minimal shock absorption. Golfers can opt for spikeless as well as detachable spiked pairs.
  6. Cross Trainers – Cross trainers are shoes that are appropriate for use in for more than one type of sport. It combines the features of various sport specific shoes.
If you have a special condition, such as wide heels, overpronation, etc, you can consult an expert to know the type of footwear you must opt for. You should keep in mind to measure your foot at the end of the day after training, or in the afternoon when the foot tends to be at its largest. Also, remember to measure the larger foot. You can browse through and buy Adidas shoes online. Adidas shoes are made a variety of sports, so you can choose accordingly. 

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