Saturday, 13 February 2016

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Dressing Up - On the Budget Ideas for Fancy Occasions

Dressing up for a formal occasion is never easy, especially for a woman, when there is so many different cuts, colours and pieces of wardrobe to pick from. Not to mention the fact that we are always trying to shop for the perfect piece without breaking the bank. Fortunately, dressing up on a budget has never been easier.

Shop For the Perfect Dress

The dress does not have to cost a fortune in order to look fabulous. What is more, second-hand shops are filled with high quality clothes that maintained its perfect condition and can be worn over and over again. A mid-priced department stores have a great choice of formal dresses you do not need tons of money for, so feel free to visit a couple of them and find your perfect dress. Finally, sales can also be the time to look for the best clothes and buy the perfect outfit, without breaking the bank.
Jewellery can always help you accessorize. A pair of earrings, alongside matching necklace and an elegant watch can be the perfect touch to a simple dress.
When it comes to men’s wardrobe, custom suits are the best choice for fancy occasion, because they can be worn to various different occasions, and never go out of style. It will definitely be a money well spent.

Shoe Shopping

The higher the heel, the classier the look, you might think. It is true you will look more dazzling in 5.1-inch heels but you will also not be able to dance all night and have a lot of fun, because the shoes will make sure of that. Therefore, try to aim for more comfortable pair that is both classy and supportable. Pumps will never go out of style, so nude, red or black patent ones will look great with any outfit.
 If you have bought a cheap dress, you can go for expensive, but make sure you will be wearing them again, so it is a money well spent. Remember, shoes do make the difference. Unsightly pair of shoes would make even the most gorgeous dress, look common.

Hair and Make-up

Do your hair yourself, instead of going to a hairdresser. I am sure your friends and you have enough skill to pull off some perfectly styled curls, or a gorgeous elegant bun. Hairdressers always overprice their services, and sometimes they can do a real bad job when you need the most beautiful hair ever. Try on a couple of hairstyles a week before, and embellish the hair with different accessories to see what fits best. Remember to wash your hair the day before the event, so you can have more control over it, and style it much easier.
There is no need for you to go to a professional make-up artist, when there are so many You Tube channels where you can learn a thing or two about doing your make-up.  Always bear in mind that you should aim at accentuating either eyes or lips, never both.
You can never go wrong with smoky eyes. Blue eyes will look gorgeous with orange or copper colours; whereas mauve and pink shades perfectly complement green eyes. The best thing about brown eyes is that they will look perfect with any colour, but purple, brown and gold shades will give them some special spark.
Finding the perfect lipstick can be challenging. Red is the perfect classic shade you can never go wrong with. However, finding the shade that fits your skin tone and does not dull your teeth can be a problem. Therefore, if you find choosing the right shade of red tricky, focus the make-up on eyes, and choose some nude shade for the lips.
Contrary to popular belief, you can look fabulous without having to spend half of your pay check on the perfect outfit. With a couple of our suggestions, and help from your friends, you could definitely achieve the most amazing classy look. 

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