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Pantone in Makeup: Pastel Symphony

Inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and a cooler tranquil blue”
So, pantone is happening and we are loving every single moment of it! It’s not a big secret that we’ve been obsessed with naked pallets all throughout 2015 – in virtually all segments of our lives. From fashion and makeup to interior design and even food decoration, the naked pallet was huge and it’s now gotten pretty solid competition in her sister-colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity.
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Since the end of 2015 we sensed things were going to go more natural than ever in 2016; in terms of makeup, everyone started leaning towards easy shades and simple contours rather than heavy smoky eye makeup and contouring that made us feel a bit clownish. Now, we get to feel clean, pure and light, owing to the new makeup trend we’ve all so quickly warmed up to.
The twin colors of Rose Quartz and Serenity are really remarkable shades that everyone will find a way to wear. Since Pantone announced these two shades, designers all over the world rushed into incorporating them into their collections so that the trend is encouraged and women everywhere reminded how gentle and meek they really are.
In all truth, these two colors separately do appear heavenly, but – they may be a bit hard to wear, depending on one’s complexion and style, or their makeup choices. To help you overcome the doubt, we are giving you some ideas that will surely be helpful in your makeup choices for future reference. Here we go:

Rose on Eyes, Cheeks and Lips

Just as the naked palette became a must for every girl’s makeup bag, so will Rose Quartz and Serenity. The wonderful fact about Rose Quartz is that it comes in various shades – from light pink to mauve (much loved color of Kylie Jenner who, in a way, promoted the color). And while it might be reminiscent of baby pink, rose quartz shade is more subtle, sophisticated and doesn’t run the risk of looking cheap.
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Rose quartz can be worn as eyeshadow, lipliner/lipstick, nailpolish and blush – all at the same time to give you the unity of color. If you feel the eyelid Quartz would be too much, use any of the naked colors as they are a perfect “supplement” to the Pantone shades.

Serenity for All

Serenity blue is a wonderful shade that’s crafted for those with a little bit of an edge. Combining it with any of the naked pallets will be a real score, especially if any of your pieces of clothing imitates the Serenity vibe. Serenity nail polish will spark up the interest as well and give you that extra spark you are chasing.
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Serenity lipstick will make all the difference and tell the world what a fierce woman you are! Although we’d advise not wearing it to the office but rather keeping it a thing for your chill time.

Combine the Two, Be the It Girl

Everyone who has style knows that overdone makeup is a mustn’t, so don’t let yourself get too enthusiastic with the rose and serenity. Yes, they are amazing but overdoing it while wearing them together will make you look a bit drag. Instead, pair the colors with a neutral shades – that way you’ll balance them off of each other and get the perfect finish that will make you look natural, clean and sophisticated. For instance, beige eyelids with thick serenity eyeliner, a bit of quartz blush and a quartz lipstick are the most perfect combination you can get. Sure, nailpolish you can go crazy with – even painting each nail a different Pantone twin shade is amazing – as long as you aren’t looking “too much”.
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Well, girls – channel your inner Pantone queens with the new trend colors and make sure you turn heads, you little stunners!
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