Tuesday, 24 May 2016

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Easy Guide For Choosing The Perfect Underwear

Choosing the right underwear is as essential as picking the right outfit for yourself. If you do not feel comfortable in what you are wearing it will reflect both on your demeanor and self-confidence. Many women do not give underwear a lot of thought, and think, it's just underwear, no one will see it, but the fact is you will feel it.
There are several easy to follow tricks for choosing the right underwear for your body type. It is important to keep emphasis on comfort and support. Naturally not all shapes and materials are for every occasion, so there is also a choice to be made based on the occasion. So let’s start!

Every day comfortable underwear

For every day choices it is best to opt for mostly cotton fabrics which do not irritate your skin. Also it is a good option to go for a shape that does not cut into your skin, and makes you feel uncomfortable. The best choice for panties are briefs, they cover the crotch and rear area, can fit in any size, body shape and are considered to be the healthiest choice. If you can find a good pair of used leggings at great price, they would be an ideal fit with briefs, because that way you can avoid the lines, which are very unseemly, while at the same time maintaining that comfort level.
As far as bras go, the everyday focus needs to be on the support. It is important for the back that the bra choice includes strong straps and tight clutches. When it comes to materials, cotton is again the best option for your skin. Naturally it can be embellished with some gentle lace, and it has to contain some elastane in order to provide the needed comfort.

Special occasion underwear

When we talk about choosing underwear for special occasions, comfort is no longer the only issue, design and aesthetics come into play as well. We can all remember the Bridget Jones's grandma panties incident.
It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect balance, so depending on the length of time we are intending to stay in the selected underwear, there are two options. First a beautiful, lacy underwear set, which mostly includes a push up bra and thongs, the second is a more conservative option of lacy boxers and a wire bra. The choice is up to you, but keep in mind, each set needs to be the right size and fit, having things spilling out is in no occasion permitted nor is it a desirable option.


Finding the right balance between comfortable and sexy is not an easy thing when it comes to underwear options. This is why it is best to choose our battles, as they say. Having a selection of cute and comfortable cotton briefs, right next to a set of designer underwear is the best choice. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a healthy body and skin are the key factor for confidence.

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