Tuesday, 17 May 2016

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The Significance Of Bird Tattoos And Designs

All human beings love birds’ songs. Early in the morning the singing birds announce the beginning of a new day and their shrilling songs fresh up our minds. Humans always envy the bird’s ability to fly free in the air. The bird tattoos were very popular during ancient times and also in modern times many people crave bird tattoos. Each bird tattoo has different meaning and in most of the cases the bird tattoos meaning is related to traits like motherhood, freedom, protection, spirituality, peace, love, family, knowledge and elegance. A variety of colors are used to create colorful bird tattoos and one can use any number of colors according to his imaginations. In order to make the tattoos more beautiful as well as feminine flowers and other natural objects are also incorporated in the bird tattoo design. The cage in a bird tattoo symbolizes one’s strong desire to get rid of the existing difficulties in life.

Popular bird tattoos

The bird tattoos are more popular among women. Though in general the bird tattoos symbolize freedom, the bird tattoos meaning changes with different types of birds. Bird tattoos are engraved on any part of the body. Though there are innumerable types of birds in the world, the tattoos of only a few bird species have become very popular. The bird tattoo design that shows a group of small black birds flying in the sky is one of the most popular tattoo designs. The flying birds symbolize movement with no restriction, changes in life and desire to go to new places. The bird tattoos represent a life free of restrictions and obligations. Those who are physically strong and are rebellious prefer the eagle tattoo since it symbolizes strength and aggression. The eagle is a very powerful wild bird and it can fly wherever it wants. Hence eagle tattoos also symbolize the free spirit.

On the contrary, those who are not rebellious or aggressive, but crave for peace and harmony will prefer the dove tattoos. The picture of dove holding an olive branch in its beaks is universally accepted as the symbol of peace, love and compassion. Hence people who want to symbolize their affection and love prefer the dove tattoos.

Phoenix tattoo

The phoenix tattoo is the most popular bird tattoo among men. According to Greek mythology, the phoenix bird is consumed by flames of fire and the same bird again takes birth from its ashes. Hence the phoenix tattoo is considered as the symbol of immortality. The phoenix tattoo also stands for growth as well as beginning of a new life. While the eagle tattoo is the most popular bird tattoo in the US, the phoenix tattoo is the most popular bird tattoo in Japan. The bird tattoos are accepted by people all over the world as the most effective symbols for various human emotions and myths about bird tattoos are very common in many countries. The Crane tattoos of China are symbols of happiness and the bluebird tattoo is considered as symbol of hope in many countries.

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