Sunday, 1 May 2016

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Why Silver Is Trumping Gold on the Runways

While gold jewellery certainly offers a realm of options – white gold, rose gold and so on – today’s silver jewellery tends to make a much bolder statement. The option of wearing gold or silver jewellery is mostly about what is right for the outfit, the mood and the occasion.
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A Look at Gold

Gold jewellery tends to be pretty understated, more refined and even more delicate. It’s certainly the right material for a subtle ring, dainty brooch or delicate necklace. A lot of jewellers will pair their top gemstones with platinum or gold to reflect the intrinsic value of each. However, contemporary silver jewellery online can be just as refined, mature and stunning for any occasion.

Talking About Silver

The wide realm of silver today offers ample options. Silver tends to pair beautifully with diamonds and can enhance their exceptional sparkle. Real silver can give off a rather regal appeal, too, reminiscent of the treasures of kings and queens. While yellow gold’s buttery, rich tones work well with warmer skin tones, silver goes well with any shade of skin. Today’s stunning silver pieces work well as accents on white gold pieces, too, and can even be paired with yellow gold or worn as their very own statement pieces.
If you prefer daintier pieces, silver’s soft tones and subtler designs can add grace and femininity to any occasion. These days, many women are happy to mix silver and gold, such as in trinity rings.
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More About Silver – Another View

If you prefer to make a bolder statement, silver is definitely the way to go. It’s earthy, youthful and artsy. Silver lets you get away with wearing a chunky cuff without making your arm look overburdened. It adds an air of youth and choosing a contemporary design simply adds to that youthful aura.
But silver is not limited to youth- just browse through their available sets to see what we’re talking about. Silver can especially flatter women with cooler skin tones, such as blue or pink undertones. It can be particularly gorgeous on more mature ladies with silver grey hair.
Whether it is silver or gold, jewellery trends off what’s on this season’s runway. There’s always a designer out there putting out a look that will only look amazing with silver jewellery. Some things simply work better with silver than with gold, such as grey outfits.
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Many jewellers are drawn to silver as a canvas for their modern designs. Sterling silver jewellery today is seen with a wide variety of styles, from sleek modern designs to traditional tribal motifs. Silver designers seem to enjoy taking architectural designs and making them a sparkling reality. Others run with organic concepts – all of these ideas work well in today’s modern designs.
We’re seeing more and more bold, exquisite silver jewellery designs on the runways. It’s a versatile material; it’s more affordable than gold and that means you can change up your collection more often, making it the perfect substitute for gold.

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