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The Morning Routine of Successful Makeup Entrepreneur Doe Deere

As you likely already know, Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2008.

Doe Deere recently shared her morning-time routine for getting ready, eating breakfast, and applying the makeup she's become near-famous for. Let's get started at the beginning of Ms. Deere's everyday routine.

Who Needs An Alarm Clock, Anyways?

While some of us have the inherent ability to wake ourselves up without an alarm, most of us rely on smartphone alarms or physical digital alarms to complete our days' obligations on time.

Doe Deere claims to never use an alarm, and wakes up almost exactly at 8:30 each morning. She shares that she aims to put a solid nine hours of sleep under her proverbial belt each night, as doing so helps contribute to her extraordinarily clean, clear, smooth skin.

Deere is "very much a morning person," and regularly starts her days by drinking a glass of water. Los Angeles, Deere's current place of residence, is home to arid air, requiring her to stay hydrated for the sake of her skin.

Exercise Is Good, But Doe Doesn't Always Exercise

While there's no acceptable alternative for exercise, Deere tries to stretch each morning before starting her day. She reports only doing such after she's had her glass of water, and is fully awake.

Breakfast is her favorite meal, which she often enjoys with orange juice she prepares with oranges squeezed from her own yard. Doe Deere claims to also enjoy grits, a form of heated cereal popular in the Southeast, along with yogurt and fresh fruit.

Showering At Night Saves Time

Doe Deere showers in the evenings, rather than in the morning, as doing so allows her hair to be fully dried, making it easier to work with.

To keep up with the many demands of being the chief executive of a global cosmetics company, Deere uses her smartphone's calendar to keep up with each day's obligations, demands, and responsibilities.

She reports getting ready in anywhere between 15 minutes and one hour. She'll typically only take a full hour if she has important meetings that day. Otherwise, little makeup is the morning's trend.

The Products That Doe Deere Uses

Each morning, Deere washes her face with Glossier. Next, she moisturizes her face with Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence. Afterwards, Ms. Deere uses L'Oreal's True Match Foundation, although sometimes she opts for MAC's "Studio Fix."

Deere then uses powder to set her makeup, preventing it from moving throughout the day, then fills in her brows. Her favorite part of her routine are blush and lipstick, as "color [brings her] face to life."

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere, born Xenia Vorotova in Russia in the early 1980s, is owner and founder of Lime Crime. She soon moved to the United States from Russia, and began an independent business on eBay under the account name "limecrime."

limecrime sold do-it-yourself fashion looks, as Ms. Deere claims to have created everything on the now-defunct site herself.

Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008, just four years after her humble beginnings on eBay. She's currently the Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime.

About Lime Crime

As described above, Lime Crime started out as a vendor account on peer-to-peer good selling network eBay. The business is currently operated from its Los Angeles, California, headquarters, and is technically a small business, based on its number of employees.

Kim Wells is the General Manager of Lime Crime's global operations, and works closely in tandem with Doe Deere throughout day-to-day operations.

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