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11 Types Choose Printed Coffee Mugs for Gifting

When it comes to gifting, printed coffee mugs top the list. They are trending for more than one reason. First, they come in various ranges. You can choose a mug which could be a simple terracotta to a fine sophisticated bone china according to your range. You can also customize them in various ways to show your love and relation to the person you are gifting it to. Here are various options you can choose under printed coffee mugs for your gifting.
Coffee Mugs for Gifting
#1. Love Printed Coffee Mugs
These are preferably matching mugs set which pair with each other through a part of one mug getting attached into another to complete the set, very much like couples complete each other. They can also be simple printed coffee mugs with complementing messages on each one of them. You can even print the photos of each one of the couple, one on each mug framed into various shapes and frames.
#2. Personalized Printed Coffee Mugs
Personalized printed coffee mugs are trending these days. You can choose the designs available with the vendor and get them printed on the coffee mugs to personalize them for the one you are gifting it to. They can be personalized for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or to embark a special day or a special achievement.
#3. Two Side Printed Coffee Mugs
On these kinds of printed coffee mugs, the design is printed on two sides of the mug. These are specially designed to highlight the design of your company logo or a customized message. 
#4. Collage Printed Coffee Mugs
If you want to re-live the precious moments you have spent with your loved ones, you can always create a collage of those moments and get them printed on a coffee mug. You will embrace those moments all the time you will use that printed coffee mug.
#5. Wraparound Printed Coffee Mugs
These kind of printed coffee mugs are available for your use when you have a print of design that needs to go all over your mug. These kinds of mugs allow you to express your creativity with large space available on the mug.
#6. Printed Coffee Mugs with Matching Coaster
What is a coffee mug without a complementing coaster? You can now get your very own printed coffee mug with a matching coaster. This is also ideal for corporate events where sponsoring brands get extra space to display their identity.
#7. Inner Rim Coated Printed Coffee Mugs
Sometimes we need that niche from others. Why not start with an all customized coffee mug? Inner rim coated printed coffee mugs are your thing to start that niche. These printed coffee mugs are black from outside while you can choose your favorite color for inside of the mug.
#8. Variety of Mugs for Your Printed Coffee Mugs
While going for printed coffee mugs, your choice of mug can make all the difference. Below are a few variety of coffee mugs that are widely available with vendors who provide printed coffee mugs related service. Other than these you can even buy your very own coffee mugs and get the design printed on them.
#9. Inclined Metal Printed Coffee Mugs
These are trending these days. The metal cups provide much needed sophistication and are printed mostly with black ink. The messages are often strong and are ideal for corporate gifting.
#10. Porcelain Printed Coffee Mugs
These are all time favorite mugs and can be used for all kind of printed coffee mugs.
#11. Ceramic Printed Coffee Mugs
These are coffee mugs which come in affordable category and are used for large size events mainly for branding purpose.
Thus, there are a variety of Coffee Mugs available and one can choose according to his requirement and range. For bookings, visit online at

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