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Meet KATÂNA - Lingerie Brand With Superpowers

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Have you ever come across home wear with character? Meet KATÂNA - a young brand from Europe named after a worldwide known Japanese sword.  Listing through KATÂNA products had me thinking about three things – character, femininity and power. Brand emphasizes its belief in women’s freedom, seductive elegance and power of self-confidence. I had an interesting talk with Anna Azari the founder and owner of KATÂNA, she explained how the word “katana” endorses the strength and philosophy of the brand.

  • So why “Katana”, why you did not choose something more mainstream? More Italian or French sounding like many lingerie brands like to do?
  • …Well, practically …popularity of it is the first reason why I have decided to take a name that differs from the mainstream sweet sounding names. Katana is obviously known as an ancient sword, even though it is quite popularized and famous, not many people dig into the history and the “soul” of the sword. Frankly speaking, it was a convenient weapon that became romanticized and is said to have a “special bond” with samurai. Katana was a sacred and devoted samurai's companion; let’s allow ourselves to believe in this beautiful story! Certainly, good weapon means life in certain settings, but in the middle of the battle it also means self-confidence. We can do anything and everything when we rule our self-confidence; this is our sacred, secret weapon, our biggest power. Our buyers wear KATÂNA lingerie and home wear, look at themselves in the mirror and feel powerful. It’s like, “yeah I can take over the world”. We specialize in robes, and we always warn our buyers to be careful, because KATÂNA robes have superpowers. It sounds funny, but we do give buyers a piece of confidence to start with. KATÂNA was created for powerful women, real everyday muses of this world!

  • Interesting. Is it only for women? Are you planning on adding home wear for men?
  • Yes! This spring we will add series for men as an addition, however it will not be our main focus.
  • Who are your buyers? Are they regular everyday people? Most of your products are not quite casual!
  • Oh yes, not so casual. Our buyers are so different! Businesswomen, jazz singers, activists, housewives, hard rock music fans, cabaret dancers and the list go on. Great news: attentive gentlemen order from us to surprise their ladies too.
Great feature about KATÂNA is that when the item is ordered, it is tailored according to the buyer’s body measures and height. This feature is especially great when it comes to floor length items, also buyers can customise and mix the colours. KATÂNA works only with high quality pure silks as well as silk and sating blends and other high quality fabrics. It is so exciting to see extraordinary brands appear! Why having boring home wear if you can silk up?
I will try to present you with more amazing brands, see my blog for more articles coming!

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